The 100-Year Warranty

That’s not a typo, by the way. An extra zero did not get loose and stumble in there somehow.

Anthology backs up our products with a hundred-year warranty.

These days it is hardly a well kept secret that many companies build things cheaply, assuring that their stuff will wear out and you’ll need to open your Anthology compact wallet with pick holders to shell out more of your hard-earned dough again and again over your lifetime. As often happens with such terrible, corrupt circumstances, a faceless drone somewhere coined a tepid euphemism for the practice: “planned obsolescence”. Sounds a little better than “major rip-off con job”, I suppose.

Well, as I warmly wish you a long, satisfying life, allow me to point out that, over the course of the next hundred years, you will need to purchase about half-a-dozen cars, ten to twenty major appliances, at least a dozen or more computers, easily one hundred and fifty pairs of shoes, and exactly one guitar strap from Anthology.

When we say “built to last”, we mean it. I don’t gravitate towards junk. I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart. I like my guitars built by an artisan, my amps wired and soldered by hand, and my amp cabs built by a cabinetmaker.

In that vein, each Anthology guitar strap is handmade with the finest full-grain leathers to be found in the world. We use only industrial grade threads; the same threads found in parachutes and sails. Now, you may want more Anthology straps in your life, and we certainly hope you do, but you won’t need more.

This focus on quality goes beyond the issue of durability, however. Our theory is that, if a strap or any other Anthology product is made with substandard material and wears out in a year, that piece will never benefit from the opportunity time affords it to develop character and personality.

Having scoured the competition across the planet, I can wholeheartedly assure you that only Anthology will give you (and your admiring audience) a guitar strap that will look even better 10, 20, 30, 40 — yes, even a 100 — years from now.



Which Guitar Strap Is For Me?

When you buy an Anthology guitar strap, you’re acquiring more than another assembly line tether to hold up your axe. You’re investing in an exceptional piece that has personality, character, integrity, soul — a guitar strap to reflect your attitude towards music and your personal style.

Hence, delving deeper than a few pictures might be useful in helping you determine which Anthology strap suits you best. As such, we’ve assembled the following psychoanalytical breakdowns for each model.

Comprised of themes, qualities, and characteristics that inspired each strap’s design, these extra shades will hopefully help guide your path to selecting the perfect match.


The road is a state of mind. The allure of a distant horizon and the raw energy of uninhibited live performance inspired this strap. As a tribute to the highest calibers of the restless spirit, this rugged, refined piece celebrates fearless improvisation and players determined to never stop searching.

Walk The Line

Redemptive torment has its place. Walk The Line is a hefty slice of vintage Americana inspired by American roots music and the classic American hotrod. Expressed in soulful, brilliant darkness, there is a hard-living weight to this design. This strap is a respectful nod to artists who experience equal parts joy and pain, love and death, decline and ascent, then turn it all into something indelible.

No Quarter

Unrelenting. Unforgiving. Uncompromising. Badass but distinguished, this generous serving of poetic brutality is drawn artfully from the timeless rock iconography of the iron cross. For those about to rock, and rock hard at deafening volume, No Quarter salutes you with charismatically sneering charm.

Straight Up

Powerful simplicity is the polished cornerstone of this strap. Straight Up discards everything extraneous in an aesthetic and philosophical nod to old-school analog integrity — as well as all else of pure value that is unjustly neglected in our bells-and-ringtones digital world today.


Boasting one of our richest designs, this leather monument to creative exploration is for players contemptuous of simple-minded categorization. In two-tone or three-tone versions, Shadowlands salutes uncharted musical territory and the intrepid talents who find their way there by getting lost in their instrument.


The ornate design speaks to the fertile sonic soil of eternal, cross-cultural musical proving grounds like New Orleans, with layers of influences that can never be fully untangled. The crossroads is also about the test that is creative process itself — the reaching, pushing, and soaking up until it all becomes yet another wing on the library of your inspirations. And no need to sell your soul for this lifetime of service.


Learning how to stay grounded and centered amid the chaos life throws our way over the years is a nuanced art — like playing slide. This strap recognized the beauty of such hard-won wisdom with Celtic flourishes, ideal for those players who take pride in maintaining their balance while channeling all the challenges into their performances.


Bold, brash, brilliant, and not to be ignored, this strap screams out like a blazing solo. Icon is a tribute to supernatural gifts, whether already acquired or still being sought, because the spotlight calls and you are not afraid to answer.


Customizing Your Guitar Strap

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal in a guitar strap, but still want that unique Anthology vibe, we aim to please. Hence, we offer the option to personalize your strap with a name, initials, a short phrase, or even a signature (provided your signature looks nowhere near as terrible as mine). To preserve design integrity, we affix these tasty personal touches on the underside of the strap.

When you add the personalization option during checkout, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to provide typeface options. Your preference will then be laser-etched into the leather for a very cool branded-with-fire look.

Now, you’ll notice we have a fairly limited palette of color options. This is deliberate. If you had your heart set on apricot, cinnamon, coral, daffodil, or pistachio, my apologies. But, to serve the Anthology aesthetic and ethos, we’re very selective about the colors we work with because, like the strap overall, they have to age beautifully and burnish over time.

We also won’t “spray paint” our straps to look distressed. Fake distressing, in my view, is like lip-syncing at a live performance. We don’t do fake. Again, the whole Anthology raison d’etre is delivering you a strap built to endure and improve through the ultimate customization: your life, your use.

In short: you.