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  • The Reticent

    1. not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily
    2. restrained in expression, presentation, or appearance

    Being a musician is about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Whether it’s putting ourselves out into the world via a recording or a live performance, it means putting ourselves out for everyone to hear, judge, and analyze. This can be a difficult thing for many of us to accomplish, but also can be intensely rewarding and liberating as one lets their creativity flow. The Reticent to me symbolizes the introverted, guarded, somewhat inhibited person I am that struggles with allowing myself to be vulnerable. However, when paired with the more gregarious guitar (and perhaps also with the always appreciated extroverted front man), I allow all those bottled up thoughts and feelings to flow freely. I don’t want a loud or obnoxious strap to tell my story. I want the thick, strong, durable comfort of an Anthology Gear full grain leather strap ... rugged, honest, beautifully imperfect. And I’ll tell my story through my music. Reticently.


    Width: Available in 2" and 3" width

    • Strap adjusts from 39" - 54" (See our Instragram post for Tongue Tying Tricks)
    • For a long guitar strap (adjusts from 54" - 63"), add optional Jumbo Tongue (sold separately).

    Top Leather: Whiskey Brown (rugged full-grain leather)

    Bottom Leather: Deer Chocolate (soft full-grain leather)

    All Anthology leather guitar and bass straps are hand-made with the absolute finest quality full-grain leathers in the world. Our leathers are chosen for their ability to fully distribute the weight of the guitar across the strap, for a more comfortable playing experience on those long gigs.

    Our leather guitar straps are not only great looking; they're also super-comfortable. Between a top layer of rugged full-grain leather, and a bottom layer of ultra-soft full-grain leather, we use a high-density, premium padding, to maximize comfort without sacrificing strength. We give the guitarist the best of both worlds, a streamlined padded guitar strap.  Comfortable and durable with style!

    Even better, we use only the strongest industrial grade threads, the same threads used to make parachutes and airbags. That's strength you can trust.

    To top it off, our leather burnishes and beautifies with use. All of our leather guitar straps have their natural marks, scrapes and scars, which means they have loads of raw, rugged personality.

  • Size Chart:

    If you’re buying as a gift and don’t have access to measure the current strap, or you just can’t wait until you get home to take the measurement, there are several factors to consider:

    The main functional issue with respect to buying a guitar strap online is getting the length right. Our straps are measured from attachment hole to hole. The best way to determine your ideal length, or that of the musician you’re buying for, is to measure the previous strap. If you don’t have a strap to reference for whatever reason, we’ve assembled some general guidelines for length (supplemented with this friendly disclaimer: if you find our standard strap is too short, you can always add a jumbo tongue).

    Elements to consider:

    1. Player height and weight:
    • In general, players who are 6’ and under, and average weight, should be fine with a standard length strap.
    • Players over 6’, or with more weight, could use a jumbo tongue.

    2. Electric or acoustic:
    • Because acoustic guitar bodies are deeper, guitar players 5’10” and over will likely prefer a strap with the jumbo tongue.

    3. Placement of attachment pegs:
    • The strap attachment peg on the guitar can be in a couple of places. On some guitars the peg is at the top of the bout; on others, it’s placed where the guitar neck meets the body of the guitar. In the case of the latter, a few more inches will be needed, and a jumbo tongue might be the way to go.

    4. How low or high the player holds their guitar:
    • If the player is a rocker, with their guitar a bit below the waist, a jumbo tongue might be the way to go.
    • If the player holds the guitar from the waist up, our standard length strap should do the trick.

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