Chain Wallet with Guitar Pick Slots (With or Without Chain) - Aged Steel

Leather Chain Wallet with Guitar Pick Slots

Also available in Whiskey Brown.

  • When I was 17-years-old I started building a Harley Shovelhead chopper from the ground up: a hand built frame, 15-inch over girder front end, 21-inch front wheel, custom seat, wiring, variegated gold leaf scroll paint job with painstaking pin striping and custom leather Pony Express saddle bags that I designed, cut, stained and stitched ... the works. As radical as the bike looked, I was trying to avoid the outlaw biker image so I made a conscious decision not to wear black clothing or a chain wallet. The first lesson I learned only took several weeks when all my jeans and t-shirts were showing all sorts of crusty road grime and oil stains. I immediately went to all black clothing. Even to this day my closet holds a nearly all black wardrobe. But I was a slow learner on lesson two: I nearly lost my generic tri-fold wallet riding on the freeway not once, not twice but three times. There is no logical explanation how what little of it managed to stay inside my back pocket. I realized gravity would ultimately prevail. Lesson learned. All in. That same 70’s black biker bi-fold chain wallet is still in my back pocket 50 years later.

    Ever wonder how the chain wallet came about? Imagine yourself blasting down the 105 on your custom American V-Twin late one night twisting that throttle for everything it’s got. The roar of the pipes is music to your ears as you head to the Valley for a late night meal. You are in the wind and all is right in the world ... until after placing an order for three legit carne asada tacos at your favorite food truck you realize your wallet is MIA. It has somehow crept out of your back pocket many mile markers ago. The chain wallet that so many bikers have rocked since the 50’s is actually more of a practicality than a fashion statement. It helps you to keep what is yours ... yours. Same for Truckers. Ditto for OG’s. Also the Punk scene. Definitely Grunge. And let’s not forget Rap and Hip-Hoppers. We might as well throw in a few select celebrities to boot while we’re at it. Like the hook in a song, a chain wallet sticks with you along with its contents ... your presidential flashcards, driver’s license, debit card and that worn torn photo of your dog. Once you try a chain wallet you’re hooked. And Anthology sets the hook deep with the optional but ever so cool custom chain and Japanese influenced hook. Don’t be that guy at the taco truck. Rock that chain. Outlaws or in-laws, everyone deserves a place in this Chain Gang.


    Our leather chain wallets are made to last, using the absolute finest full-grain leathers and the strongest industrial grade threads. To top it off, our leather burnishes and beautifies with use. All of our leathers have their natural marks, scrapes and scars, which means they have loads of raw, rugged personality.

    • Order with a chain, use your own chain or don't use a chain at all
    • Optional gunmetal wallet chain is 28 1/2" long including a 2 1/2" long Japanese fish hook style clip for attaching to belt loop. Chain is long enough to fit wallet in front or back pocket.
    • Hole reinforced with grommet to attach chain
    • Slots for 2 guitar picks
    • ID window slot
    • 3 card slots - Each can hold 2-3 cards
    • 2 deep inside pockets
    • 1 cash compartment
    • Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.25"
    • 1/2" thick at its thickest point (without any content)

    Satisfaction Guaranteed  All leather pieces offered by Anthology are protected by a 30-day full satisfaction promise from the date of delivery, which guarantees a full refund as long as the product is returned in new and unused condition. All leather pieces have a 25 year warranty against all defects in materials and workmanship.

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