“The Reckoner” Laptop Bag - Black Whiskey - 15"

Also available in Aged Steel.

  • “The Reckoner” Laptop Bag

    To one degree or another, we all participate in this digital era of gadgets. You would have to live pretty deep in a dark cave not to appreciate at least some of the conveniences. Still, to my stubborn eyes, all the hyper-connectivity of this not-necessarily-so-brave new world also brings with it a lot of conformity. We may populate the fields, but the parameters are typically pre-set.

    And that just triggers my seditious urge to break from the assembly line. The laptop has become standard issue for rigid day trippers and free-spirited musicians alike, but where is it commanded that the way we carry it must be uniform, with all those tedious, personality-free slabs of black neoprene and Velcro? The first hot rods started as standard Fords before they were radically modified — tricked out largely by restless World War II vets who’d developed mechanical skills with Uncle Sam and didn’t particularly want to ride like average Joes back home. Well, in that vein, the creative inspiration for The Reckoner came to me from the Bonneville Salt Flats, where a handful of dedicated, brilliant maniacs still push the limits to break speed records.

    Those boundary obliterators are just cut from a different cloth, and the original body of The Reckoner was designed to convey some of their utterly fearless, hard-driving intensity. No fiberglass replicas here.

    Whether used to lug an iPad, hard drive, effects unit, or whatever else, The Reckoner will accelerate with age to a deeper perfection while all those electronic gizmos and conventional bags invariably become obsolete and junked.

    To me, that’s a beautiful thing. I’m not interested in the drab and disposable. Inspired by the defiant individuality and ingenuity of authentic American traditions like the classic hot rod, I built The Reckoner to last and be noticed.

  • Built for a 15in. laptop

    • Dimensions (Exterior):
    • Height - 12in.
    • Width - 16in.
    • Depth - 4in.
    • Weight - 6lbs.

    • Constructed with rugged full-grain leather.
    • Comfortable padded handle, with reinforced steel bar for durability.
    • Removable padded shoulder strap.
    • Quick access back pouch.
    • Interior padded laptop compartment for protection.
    • Padded perimeter for laptop protection.
    • Interior compartment for sheet music/documents.
    • Plenty of interior space.
    • Front pouch contains space for phone, iPad, and pens.
    • Front pouch also includes zippered pocket.
    • Zippered pouch for passport on front.
    • Highest industrial grade thread.
    • Rivet support at stress points.
    • Heavy duty zippers.

    "Excellent design. Visual appeal. Sturdy as hell construction (hell is sturdy I suppose). Thick, beautiful leather. 38 rivets. A darn cool name. Loads of space for your laptop and music gear, or any other gear for that matter. The Reckoner Laptop Bag from Anthology Gear Wear has all of these features with more to boot. Does BestLeather recommend this bag? Oh yes, we do."
    ~ BestLeather, 2014 (Read full review here.)

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