The 100-Year Warranty - Anthology Gear Wear

The 100-Year Warranty

That’s not a typo, by the way. An extra zero did not get loose and stumble in there somehow.

Anthology backs up our products with a hundred-year warranty.

These days it is hardly a well kept secret that many companies build things cheaply, assuring that their stuff will wear out and you’ll need to open your Anthology compact wallet with pick holders to shell out more of your hard-earned dough again and again over your lifetime. As often happens with such terrible, corrupt circumstances, a faceless drone somewhere coined a tepid euphemism for the practice: “planned obsolescence”. Sounds a little better than “major rip-off con job”, I suppose.

Well, as I warmly wish you a long, satisfying life, allow me to point out that, over the course of the next hundred years, you will need to purchase about half-a-dozen cars, ten to twenty major appliances, at least a dozen or more computers, easily one hundred and fifty pairs of shoes, and exactly one guitar strap from Anthology.

When we say “built to last”, we mean it. I don’t gravitate towards junk. I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart. I like my guitars built by an artisan, my amps wired and soldered by hand, and my amp cabs built by a cabinetmaker.

In that vein, each Anthology guitar strap is handmade with the finest full-grain leathers to be found in the world. We use only industrial grade threads; the same threads found in parachutes and sails. Now, you may want more Anthology straps in your life, and we certainly hope you do, but you won’t needmore.

This focus on quality goes beyond the issue of durability, however. Our theory is that, if a strap or any other Anthology product is made with substandard material and wears out in a year, that piece will never benefit from the opportunity time affords it to develop character and personality.

Having scoured the competition across the planet, I can wholeheartedly assure you that only Anthology will give you (and your admiring audience) a guitar strap that will look even better 10, 20, 30, 40 — yes, even a 100 — years from now.