Customizing Your Guitar Strap - Anthology Gear Wear

Customizing Your Guitar Strap

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal in a guitar strap, but still want that unique Anthology vibe, we aim to please. Hence, we offer the option to personalize your strap with a name, initials, a short phrase, or even a signature (provided your signature looks nowhere near as terrible as mine). To preserve design integrity, we affix these tasty personal touches on the underside of the strap.

When you add the personalization option during checkout, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to provide typeface options. Your preference will then be laser-etched into the leather for a very cool branded-with-fire look.

Now, you’ll notice we have a fairly limited palette of color options. This is deliberate. If you had your heart set on apricot, cinnamon, coral, daffodil, or pistachio, my apologies. But, to serve the Anthology aesthetic and ethos, we’re very selective about the colors we work with because, like the strap overall, they have to age beautifully and burnish over time.

We also won’t “spray paint” our straps to look distressed. Fake distressing, in my view, is like lip-syncing at a live performance. We don’t do fake. Again, the whole Anthology raison d’etre is delivering you a strap built to endure and improve through the ultimate customization: your life, your use.

In short: you.