For Guitar Picks

A Pick Lineage.

Though I’m 95% about design and creative exploration, I definitely value utility — particularly when great design is married to seamless function. Then they go off and have babies, and their babies grow up and have babies, and a whole family tree of cool ensues. Why not?

For example, you had the money pouch, a handy place to carry money. Well, the money pouch met the credit card clip, fell in love, got married, and gave us the bi-fold wallet. Then they had a baby: the compact wallet.

Well, thanks to a little rock ‘n’ roll self-mutilation, the Anthology compact wallet now has some special slots for guitar picks.

Still the cycle of life rolls on from there as our rebellious compact wallet fell hard for a rockin’ hot guitar strap and, what do you know, the love child of their torrid affair is our pick holder strap attachment.

So beautiful, I get a bit verklempt just thinking about it.