Numbered limited edition guitar strap

Numbered Limited Edition Guitar Strap Series

We are always on the hunt for unique, bold, quirky fabrics to use in our guitar straps. We will now be releasing a new limited edition textile and leather guitar strap every month. These straps will be numbered ("X of Y" heat stamped with gold foil on the back of the strap) so they are extra special.

When you order one of these numbered limited edition straps, we will randomly pull the strap for your order so the number you receive will be the luck of the draw.

Here's what we've released so far ...

October 2022: Shimmer

November 2022: Buchanan

December 2022: Zuma

Zuma Guitar Strap

January 2023: Temperaments

February 2023: Scout

April 2023: Hozho

June 2023: Zenith

August 2023: Abstraction
September 2023: Denim

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