Drumstick and cymbal designers are naturally focused on perfecting their essential tools for the beat trade. Bags tend to be an afterthought. Well, Anthology is picking up the slack with stick and cymbal bags worthy of your dedication as a drummer.

Great drummers are rare. It’s such a complex art form that acquiring true chops and versatility demands years of study and serious hard work. Appreciating that as much or more than anyone, we have built stick and cymbal bags that will not only take whatever punishment you dish out, they’ll look great every step of the way.

Just as with Anthology guitar straps, our leather ages and beautifies with use over the years, so these stick and cymbal bags will take on a character of their own unique to the road you take. And these bags are constructed so you’ll never need another. Ever. By the time you hand one of our bags down to the next generation, it will carry a unique and meaningful story about you.

No matter the beating, the beat goes on.