• "The Reticent" Guitar Strap

    Loving my new strap!  Just wanted to say thanks to the folks at Anthology for making such a great strap. Recently purchased a 3" Carbon Black Reticent - looks beautiful with my Mayones Paper Stamp 5! The 3" helps disperse the weight of a heavier bass - just used the strap for a gig, and it was super comfortable. I love it when you forget that you're wearing a guitar - no neck discomfort or pressure. Thanks, Anthology! Looking forward to many years with this beautiful piece of leather.

    Tony G.

  • "The Reticent" Guitar Strap

    I'm an Anthology fan. I've been playing guitar for 50 years and gigging for 47. I have a collection of 90 or so guitars, and maybe 75 guitar straps. I gig with Les Pauls and they tend to be heavy. I have 3 Anthology straps, and I use them on the guitars I play live. The quality is great and they look super cool. I just put one on my 1952 Les Paul Goldtop, and it really complements the look and feel. They cost a little more than mass production straps, but they're worth it.

    Wendell B.

  • Compact Pick Wallet

    Excellent craftsmanship  I recently purchased a second one after my first one was lost. Great quality and very little bulk. In case of an impromptu jams session I love being prepared in having a pick on me at all times.

    James G.

  • "The Seville" Stick Bag

    The Brotherhood Of Drummers  Well...Let me start off with saying that the Leather Stick Bag is "OUT OF CONTROL!!!!" This thing is a Drummers Dream Come True. When I first got it I was beside myself and yammering on like a school girl. I cannot get over the craftsmanship that went into this thing. For anyone that is on the fence on this, let me say this.......Don't hesitate, get it. It is worth every damn penny. You will not buy another stick bag .....ever. These products will outlast you. These are heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation, they are that good. Thanks Anthology for really taking the time to make a practical yet beautiful piece of gear.

    John B.

  • "The Seville" Stick Bag

    Stick with This Bag  I’ve been an active drummer for years and I was nearly convinced that there was no one left in the accessories business who cared about craftsmanship and attention to detail. When I discovered you through some persistent online searching, I was cautiously optimistic, but now that I’ve actually received my bag, I have to say that this is truly substantial - it exceeds my expectations (haven’t told anyone that in a while) and I'm looking forward to many years of use. Thanks for a beautiful piece of work!

    Randy W.

  • "The Reticent" Guitar Strap

    The highest quality, cleanest designed, lifetime of use guitar strap  I would not buy a strap from anywhere but this site for the rest of my life. This particular strap speaks my truth, solid quality, plain design of a piece of leather in aged black. My cherry 335 and my Blonde Road Worn Tele look great with this strap and express how I feel about playing guitar; no fancy looks except quality and tone. Let the music speak for itself. I have two brown ones for my Collings D2H and D1H as well. When I die, my kids will get my guitars and the straps as well. All just getting better with age.

    David C.