Making a Leather Guitar Strap
All of our leather goods are made with full grain leather and industrial grade thread.


We only use the best full grain leathers and industrial-grade threads to build our products.

All our leather goods are handmade by skilled craftsmen.


The design of every cut, stitch, and rivet is worked and reworked until it's perfect.


If YOU'VE been squinting at online photos of these straps for YEARS, like myself (& maybe mulling those clever captions) but ya just can't decide - let me tell ya: The work is even more exquisite than it looks. Every detail is master crafted and the leather top quality. The Whiskey Brown version is like some insane chocolate confection in one of those high tone bakeries, the tiny stitching absolutely perfect, and when I adjusted it to length and slung the ol' Rickenbacker into place it felt like some favorite old leather coat or a hug from that fits-just-right hot stuff honey badger. Yeah, I liked it, can ya tell? I sprung for the extra long tongue (based on another review) but needn't have. But it's made so well I'm keeping it as back-up. Listen, this is one of those material objects that'll bring you joy every time you use it, and be in perfect working order in your estate, after you've made your final bow off the stage. You'll impress your next of kin one last time as they contemplate it. And a year from now, you won't even be able to tell you threw that chunk of dough at it, but you'll have the damn strap. Don't screw up your life by finding some cheap-ass version; get the real one. I'm sorry I waited as long as I did, I really am. This is your music we're talking about - don't dick around! Clear your mind and see which of these really calls to you and place your order. You'll see I'm giving it to you straight. Then you can start plotting for the next one.

~ Ralph Jaszkowski, Anthology Gear Customer


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"Using [an Anthology Gear Guitar strap], you immediately recognize that the team behind it cares about guitars and guitar players. It makes you want to put the guitar on."

Ben, Anthology Gear Customer