BEAUTY MEETS THE BEAST ... I rarely give reviews but for this product, I must. I have only had this bag in my hands for a day and I am in love. I was swooning from the moment I pulled it out of the box and have been enamored with it since. The leather is unbelievably beautiful and the bag is a beast. I have never seen a case like this one. I am certain my guitars will be as protected as they possibly can be. The things I love right off the jump go is the inside neck rest for the guitar. It is solid and will give my vintage guitars the bracing I want them to have. The interior is soft and yet the padding it superior. I love the front pocket. I appreciate that not only can I fit 8x11 sized paper/books in it but also that it has a nice size gusset so you can get papers and gadgets in it as well. I also love the slip pocket in the back for additional sheets of paper or a tablet/laptop. This bag is well thought out. The craftsmanship is crazy awesome and you will never find another bag out there that can match this quality. Can't say enough good things about it.