Let’s face it. Finding the right gift for a musician is about as easy as locating a smoke-free room in Willie Nelson’s trailer.

Until now.

Is this a self-serving claim? Sure, but since it hails from an obsessive musician obsessively making impeccable products for other obsessive musicians, it also has the pedigree of certified insight. In a gift-giving nutshell, here’s why…

First off, it’s foolhardy in the extreme to attempt buying guitars, pedals, amps, cymbals, snares, or the like for a serious musician unless you have rock solid, pre-vetted intelligence on exactly what they want. Even then — even if they tell you outright (thereby negating any surprise factor) — a lot can go awry.

To avoid such headaches, the other route people commonly take is playing it safe with something trivial, another t-shirt or trinket that will surely underwhelm on its way to the basement, attic, or bottom of a rarely opened drawer. And that’s fine, by the way, if you don’t particularly care for the serious musician in your life. But if that’s the case… why are you still here, reading this?

No, you love that crazy player and therefore want to gift them something a) useful, b) beautiful, and c) fairly unique — a gift specific to their passions that will be appreciated immediately yet last a lifetime. That’s a pretty lofty bar, but each of Anthology Gear’s guitar straps, gig bags, and special accessories all score high marks across those categories.

Within our gift categories, there’s something for everyone — defining “everyone” as the global community of driven and discriminating musicians, that is, just because we say so:



Today, there exists a tragic and often under-reported affliction plaguing guitar players. According to national studies, a full 10 out of 10 will suffer at some point in their lives from “missing guitar picks”.

Is Jerry Lewis out there strumming up awareness? No. No, he is not. Neither, for that matter, is Jerry Lee Lewis. But you can make a difference. Help Anthology Gear finally stop PDS (Pick Disappearance Syndrome) in its tracks by gifting your beloved guitar players with a pick wallet or pick key chain.

Thusly equipped and cured, they will always have a special place in their hearts for you — and in Willie Nelson’s trailer.

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Guitar Straps

A guitar strap makes for a particularly wonderful gift. To select just the right Anthology leather guitar strap for the guitarist in your life, it’s helpful to refer to this collection of psychoanalytical breakdowns for each model comprised of themes, qualities, and characteristics that inspired each strap’s design:


The road is a state of mind. The allure of a distant horizon and the raw energy of uninhibited live performance inspired this strap. As a tribute to the highest calibers of the restless spirit, this rugged, refined piece celebrates fearless improvisation and players determined to never stop searching.

Walk The Line

Redemptive torment has its place. Walk The Line is a hefty slice of vintage Americana inspired by American roots music and the classic American hotrod. Expressed in soulful, brilliant darkness, there is a hard-living weight to this design. This strap is a respectful nod to artists who experience equal parts joy and pain, love and death, decline and ascent, then turn it all into something indelible.


Classy sophistication, with a bit of fun and rebellion. This was my granddad, Everett. Argyle fit him perfectly. Maybe it fits you too.

No Quarter

Unrelenting. Unforgiving. Uncompromising. Badass but distinguished, this generous serving of poetic brutality is drawn artfully from the timeless rock iconography of the iron cross. For those about to rock, and rock hard at deafening volume, No Quarter salutes you with charismatically sneering charm.

El Camino

El Camino pays tribute to the path we are destined to follow in life. Saddle up and enjoy the ride.

Straight Up

Powerful simplicity is the polished cornerstone of this strap. Straight Up discards everything extraneous in an aesthetic and philosophical nod to old-school analog integrity — as well as all else of pure value that is unjustly neglected in our bells-and-ringtones digital world today.


Inspired by bridges (not too surprising since we are based just outside of Portland, Oregon aka "Bridge City"), Burnside features our rugged aged steel leather, antique brass rivets, and rope to pay tribute to those weathered hunks of rusting metal


Boasting one of our richest designs, this leather monument to creative exploration is for players contemptuous of simple-minded categorization. In two-tone or three-tone versions, Shadowlands salutes uncharted musical territory and the intrepid talents who find their way there by getting lost in their instrument.

The Brat

When it comes to visually capturing the rebellious, uncompromisingly defiant, anti-mainstream spirit of punk rock, it's hard not to find inspiration in Schott's 618 Perfecto leather jacket. Gabba Gabba Hey.


Life burns. Everyone. Few are those who understand deep in their core that there’s no illumination without fire. Determined either by force of will or blessing of character to follow our path, our way through the standard-issue darkness, we’re the players who, for better or worse, keep our roots planted no matter how high the flames or strong the winds whipping up wildfires around them.

The Reticent

Some of us are not looking for a flashy guitar strap. We just want the thick, strong, durable comfort of an Anthology Gear full grain leather strap ... rugged, honest, beautifully imperfect. So you have The Reticent.

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Gig Bags

If you want to make a really large and lasting gift impression, our gig bags will knock it so far out of the park, you’ll probably hit a taxi.

Handmade with the absolute finest leathers in the world, these one-of-a-kind pieces burnish and beautify with age. For drummers, look no further than our “The Seville” drumstick or cymbal bags. For guitarists, “The Revelator” electric guitar bag or electric bass guitar bag is a gift they will prize for how it protects their most prized possessions while shining as a work of art in its own right. For ukulele players, Iwi (meaning "shell" in Hawaiian), a hybrid between a hard shell case and a gig bag, will securely hold a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele and smaller-bodied mandolins.

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Color Options — The Anthology Palette

Now, you’ll notice we have a fairly limited palette of color options. This is deliberate. If you had your heart set on apricot, cinnamon, coral, daffodil, or pistachio, my apologies. But, to serve the Anthology aesthetic and ethos, we’re very selective about the colors we work with because, like the strap overall, they have to age beautifully and burnish over time.

Whiskey Brown
Aged Steel
Carbon Black
Dark Coffee