Cymbal Bags

Your cymbals may not draw the same level of attention as a great guitar (hey, blame pop culture writ large, not your guitarist friends per se), but our “The Seville” series cymbal bags will make a bold statement to all those who see them: a serious player is in the house.

We know drummers. You are a breed just as obsessed with gear and tone as any guitarist, and master drummers are also dropping just as much cash on their cymbals. So mindful of protecting that considerable investment, “The Seville” series cymbal bag is built with an internal cage system for optimal safeguarding even under the harshest wear and tear of the road.

As players ourselves, we deeply believe in the value of great gear, and what it says about our experience as musicians. Our gear is something we take pride in, just as we take pride in our skills. Both are a reflection of the fact that we’ve been at this for a while. They reflect the dues we’ve paid — and the level of commitment we maintain towards lifting our game ever higher.

Now, dear drummers, with “The Seville” series bags, Anthology is proud to help you acquire a bit of the “status cymbal” you deserve.