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About Us

My Deep Roots In Music — A Love Story

Anthology opened its online doors in late 2009. But in a bigger sense, this all began a long, long time ago. While many a long and winding road has lead to this endeavor, my journey really shifted into high gear back when I left the Midwest for Los Angeles to study music at the Guitar Institute of Technology in the late 80's.

Until that point, I was a rocker through and through, my young musical career limited to garage bands with set lists ranging from Zeppelin to Sabbath, or sometimes Judas Priest to RATT. At the time, if you'd mentioned Coltrane, Bill Monroe, or Yo Yo Ma, a glazed look would have fallen over my eyes, followed by, "Your what hurts?"

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Design and Construction

Anthology stands on one fundamental principle: build the best or don’t bother.

Curse, blessing, or both, I was born a stubborn perfectionist to the core. For some reason or another, I’m just wired that way. I’d like to think perhaps God decided to wire me like a great amp designer wires an amp: handmade, using true point-to-point wiring, mounting all components directly to tube sockets, jacks, and pots, to ensure the purest signal path, maximum touch sensitivity, and the least amount of tonal degradation.

See, I’m even a gear-head perfectionist when it comes to introspective musings.

Whatever the source of my obsessive attention to detail, I have applied it fully to the design and construction of all Anthology Gear Wear’s products, including a steadfast commitment to working exclusively with the finest materials on the planet.

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Excuse me a moment while I pop in some Coltrane.

There. Much better. It’s nearly impossible to write about the inspiration behind our designs without some auditory stimulation. And with good reason.

Because we place such a high value on the process of great design, we don’t just spend time working on what a guitar strap or gig bag will look like. We spend time thinking. We process our visual and musical influences and experiences.

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Anthology In The News

The word is spreading, and I would like to thank you all for the support.

Rebateszone just included us in their Holiday Gift Guide and I expect a couple more Gift Guide inclusions in the next couple of weeks. You can see the Rebateszone listing here:


Anybody who calls themselves a gear junky knows about The Tone Report. They just did a nice review here We also ended up in their Fantasy Holiday Wish List!