Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap
Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap
Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap
Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap
Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap
Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap

Overland - Carbon Black Leather Guitar Strap

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I’m glad the folks manning the cubicles are there. God bless ‘em. They keep the trains running on time.

I just can’t join ‘em.

The equation doesn’t add up for my balance sheet. How could I maximize the potential of my imaginative horizons pounding the same meager square footage of pavement day in and out? Given all the ground under that great sky, the concepts of romance and destiny wouldn’t have much heft if confined to the girl next door. Yes, time is the only absolute boundary in this world, and with so little sand in the hourglass next to so much world, I need to spend my time ever moving.

Granted, it’s not a discovery shared by many, but the greatest thing I’ve found is the desire to never stop searching. Art, like life, is momentum. Whether a brush on a canvas or the vibrations of a string pushing molecules through the air, it’s all movement; energy collected and released.

Most people are taught to think in terms of inspiration coming to them, but without a journey there is nothing for the page or the stage. You have to go to the inspiration as sure as the earth revolves around the sun. After all, writing a song isn’t what happens in a room somewhere. That’s just the transcribing, the unpacking of what a broken heart or triumphant struggle collected out there.

Even before I fully grasped that immutable law of nature there was always a restless energy stirring in me, an inner metronome I couldn’t shut off. People tend to harbor hostility for the wanderer, for all the wayward sons and dreamers like myself, but they forget how much human progress has hinged on explorers and their unquenchable yearning to seek. Comfort and routine have their place, sure, but not in the pantheon of mortal achievement (sorry, inventor of the Snuggie) — and most definitely not in terms of pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting mark on music.

That’s why there’s never been anything aimless about my aimless wandering. I can hold a job. I’ve held more than most, in fact. I just don’t believe in holding one long enough to let it hold me. And you can rest assured, when all my wandering time is up, I won’t have regrets about where I didn’t go, what I didn’t do, what I didn’t see, taste, hear, and feel. My songs will all have been lived as well as written.

And, with a little wayward luck, they may even be sung long after my journey takes me from this world to the next.

Customer Reviews

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William Salisbury
Great product/ Great Gift

I recently purchased an Overland Strap for myself.
I was so blown away by the craftsmanship that I bought another and had it sent as a gift to a friend of mine in Hawaii.
Thank you Anthology Gear


This is my second strap from Anthology Gear and I couldn't be more satisfied. I have tried straps from other popular sites but was disappointed with the quality and comfort. The craftsmanship is flawless, it is comfortable and most important, it looks KILLER! Do yourself a favor and pay the couple of extra dollars for this strap, it is worth it and more! You will be extremely satisfied with this strap!

One Word WOW!!

Just a note to say WOW !!!
I am so impressed with this Overland (Carbon Black), guitar strap and just as impressed with the service, and quick delivery.This strap was purchased as a gift for a great friend, and it turned out even better in real life, than it looked online,...which looked great to start with. I'm Completely blown away by the workmanship and attention to detail. The smell and feel of quality leather was nice too. Even the detail that went into the packaging was amazing. Delivered in a box, inside was a very cool burlap looking bag with the Logo on it which gave it a touch of class, and a guitar pick. And cleanly wrapped inside was this awesome guitar strap. On top of all this was the fact that I received the strap during the same week that I ordered it. WOW!!! Thank you for a great experience. A friend from Church turned me on to these straps and he has a couple of styles.The quality is excellent.
After a nightmare experience with another online company, that is still on going, for four months now, I went to this Anthology site and it was the best experience. It has been wonderful!! I can't wait til I can order one (or two) of these for myself. I'm just a real customer that encountered an awesome purchase experience here. No need to look anywhere else, period.


Rockstar Eddie
3rd year with my Overland and it's still great.

Highly recommend the Overland. Backside has a different leather that's soft but non scuffing. It's wide enough to make my heavy Jazz bass comfortable on my shoulder, but still size-proportionate enough for my electric guitars. The dark brown leather looks great on any colour.

Best strap I've ever owned.


John Flynn
Mass Street Music Review

I can not say enough good things about my Anthology Straps.. They are of the highest quality, and have that great rich leather smell that can only be had with leather in this league. Brian's designs are so tasteful and never gaudy. I can not imagine a better product of this type being available. Service is first rate as well.

If you think the straps are sweet you have to check out the gig bags.
This is as good as it gets....