Ali Lacey aka Novo Amor

Quick Six with Ali Lacey

Check out the "Quick Six" Q&A with Anthology Artist Ali Lacey.

We thought it would be fun to get to know a little bit more about our Anthology Artists so we've asked them to participate in a Q&A. Here's the "Quick Six" with Anthology Artist Ali Lacey, Welsh multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, better known under the moniker Novo Amor:

1. First concert you attended?
Trivium (I was 14 and really into metal back then). The mosh pit was full of scary grown-ass men hitting each other.

2. How old were you when you started playing the guitar?
12 years old, but I mainly just played in drop D tuning and never actually learned traditional chords or found open tunings until I was around 20 when I started Novo Amor. My first instrument was drums.

3. Venue you would love to play at (or a dream venue that you have already played at)?
Red Rocks.

4. Artist or song you are into most right now?
I haven’t gotten into any new artists or been repeating anything much recently because I’ve been working on my own music, but my friend Gia Margaret just released a piano album which, as I type this has just accompanied on a flight to NY.

5. Do you have any pre-show rituals or superstitions?
Just a touch of anxiety, that I don’t choose to harbour. We also do a hands in just before we go on stage, and have done that for maybe over 100 shows in a row. I pace a lot too. Nothing exciting.

6. Who has inspired you most as a musician?
I guess my collaborator and friend Ed Tullett/lowswimmer is worth noting, a lot of his influence is all throughout the Novo Amor world and songwriting.

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