Quick Six with Ed Tullett

Quick Six with Ed Tullett

Check out the "Quick Six" with Anthology Artist Ed Tullett of Novo Amor / Lowswimmer.

We thought it would be fun to get to know a little bit more about our Anthology Artists so we've asked them to participate in a Q&A. Here's the "Quick Six" with Anthology Artist Ed Tullett (Lowswimmer / Novo Amor):

1. First concert you attended?
I genuinely can't remember! One of my earliest favourites was Grizzly Bear with Beach House supporting in Brighton.
2. How old were you when you started playing the guitar?
13 I think! Still remember struggling to play Come As You Are.
3. Venue you would love to play at (or a dream venue that you have already played at)?
Red Rocks for sure! Fave venue I've played was Funkhaus in Berlin.
4. Artist or song you are into most right now?
Listening to a lot of Andy Shauf and Ethel Cain atm.
5. Do you have any pre-show rituals or superstitions?
Honestly not as many as I should - I need to be better at warming up!
6. Who has inspired you most as a musician?
Oh boy that's impossible to answer. There have been a million artists who have, but I guess these days it's more my collaborators and peers!

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