Which Anthology Gear Strap is Most Comfortable?

A customer recently asked us which of our guitar straps is most comfortable. Tyler's response is worth sharing:

All of our straps are made with the same high density foam padding. We try to use the same thickness although there can be a slight variance in padding thickness.  Any 3" strap (No Quarter, Reticent, Glitch, Straight Up, etc.) all should be about the same in comfort. The Blackwood is a different design (being made up of a shoulder pad fitted over a one inch strap). Some people find Blackwood extremely comfortable (saying it’s the most comfortable strap they have ever used), others say it is not as comfortable as one of our other 3" straps. Again, its personal preference, what strap style you find best suited for you and your instrument. If it was me using my guitars, I don't think I would be able to tell a difference in comfort between our straps. But someone using a heavy bass guitar might have a different opinion.

It is very interesting hearing people's different opinions. One person's definition of what makes a strap the most comfortable is different than another. So I couldn't say what strap is "most" comfortable. Some people prefer thinner leather saying that’s more comfortable. Some people say thicker leather, with its weight distribution properties, is more comfortable. Some people prefer more padding, even though it makes a strap "stiffer". Some people prefer a very pliable strap with less padding so it's less stiff. At the end of the day, we realized we can't please 100% of the people all the time doing things in the exact same way.  We also can't predict what someone is going to like best.

So in summary this question really difficult to answer. I can tell you that all our straps will get more comfortable with use.  They will all break in and get softer. And they all use padding and full grain leather which we believe makes them more comfortable than other options in the marketplace.