Everett - Aged Steel/Wine Argyle Leather Guitar Strap
Everett - Aged Steel/Wine Argyle Leather Guitar Strap
Everett - Aged Steel/Wine Argyle Leather Guitar Strap

Everett - Aged Steel/Wine Argyle Leather Guitar Strap

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My granddad Everett wore argyle socks and they fit him perfectly. Sophisticated and classy. And, at the same time, quirky and rebellious. This was Everett.

Everett was a very successful businessman. He worked door-to-door for most of his twenties, then city-to-city and eventually continent to continent as he got older. He liked to sample the local beers during his travels and managed to accumulate quite a large bottle cap collection from all over the world. In his free time he read books and taught himself to speak fluently in a handful of different languages. There was a lot about life that he loved such as giving out business advice (whether you wanted it or not), singing along with the opera he listened to on the radio, and showing off his impressive recollection of the bad words he picked up in all the countries he visited throughout his life.

When he finally settled down, he played golf every Sunday (in argyle socks, of course). He caught a ride on the back of his grandson's Harley to the golf course. He also began practicing yoga at the flexible age of 90. And he never left a party without reciting at least one cringe-worthy limerick for the guest of honor.

From the time I could crawl until the day we buried him, I never saw that man without a pair of argyle socks peaking out from the bottom of his trousers. Classy sophistication, with a bit of fun and rebellion. This was Everett. Argyle fit him perfectly. Maybe it fits you too.

Customer Reviews

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Bart Hetrick
Just what you need and definitely what you should want!

Absolutely top notch, the quality and materials are as good as I have ever seen! Wonderful selection of styles and widths too. I have 3 straps currently and love the 3" for my heavier Les Pauls, a real back saver. If your in the fence don't be you won't regret it and if you do they have a great return policy.


Exactly what I wanted. Beautiful in every detail. And fantastic customer service. See it here with my semi hollow: https://www.anthologygearwear.com/pages/anthology-gear-family-album

Tim B
This is my 5th Anthology Gear Strap !

If you want a strap that will outlast you, this is it. Just like the other four Anthology Gear straps I own it is top quality and comfortable. I like being able to get a plain and clean design like the Straight Up, something a little bolder like the Everett or the Blackwood, or get really bold with the Burnside or El Camino. You won't regret purchasing Anthology Gear products!

Derek Taylor
A work of Comfortable Art

My wife found and selected this strap for me as an anniversary gift. I thank her regularly for it! The quality and workmanship that went into it reflect a craftsman who enjoys his work and respects his customers. I opened it up and it looked marvelous, the blue threads and brown leather echoing the same tones in my guitar's mother of pearl inlays and ebony fretboard.
Down to business: Does it work? Yes. Actually I have never liked guitar straps, they dig in and are uncomfortable, they don't hold my guitars where I want them. This is SO different! It slips over my head and settles on my shoulder like it was measured for me. The leather is warm and just the right stiffness and weight. I don't even notice it's there, it holds my guitar firmly right where I want it and away we go!
I don't play as well as my gear now looks, but at least now it might distract them enough to get by! It might just inspire me to play better.
I have no hesitation in recommending this strap to anyone who wants a work of art that does everything it ought to - with style.

Chieli Minucci
My 4th purchase!

Happy to review - Excellent, comfortable, stylish yet modest looking, this leather strap is soooo comfortable. I use for both my electric and acoustic instruments. Really excellent quality and fell. OK, they are expensive, but think about what it's for! We wear these straps like clothing, every day~~~