Anthology Artist Rufus Wasco




As I lay still my mind floats
Memories and visions of the past
Swirl about in an attempted hoax
They let me know it all happened so fast
I start to feel that melting wave
It rolls through me, a deliberate slow motion
And the tear, it is just a slave
To that powerful wave we call emotion
-T.H. 1992

Rufus Wasco is the creative project of Tyler Hirsch (Sidereal guitarist), a continuing culmination of his experiences expressed through musical styles ranging from acoustic to swirly shoegaze to electronic. Discovering along the way where his journey will take him and reflecting on the impact it has had on a life full of questions with continually morphing answers. Listen to single “Want Us Back” available now and Sidereal’s exclusively released single “Barrette” out Dec. 2022 on Third Man Records compilation “Southeast of Saturn Vol. II”.


Leather Laptop Briefcase
Leather cuff bracelet
Leather pouch with zipper