Jumbo Tongues

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    The "tongue" is the extension piece of a strap, and weaves through the variable length slots on the body of the strap. The Jumbo Tongue is a longer version of our standard tongue and adds an additional 8" to any of our straps. (Except Blackwood, which uses a buckle system instead of the tongue system). 

    Available in all of our colors:

    Carbon Black (Black Stitching) - Matches Everett (Aged Steel), Straight Up (Aged Steel), Walk the Line (Carbon Black), Shadowlands (TwoTone) and Overland (Carbon Black) straps

    Carbon Black (Silver Stitching) - Matches Walk the Line (Carbon Black) strap

    Black Whiskey - Matches Walk the Line (Black Whiskey), Overland (Black Whiskey), El Camino (Black Whiskey) and The Reticent (Black Whiskey) straps

    Dark Coffee - Matches Everett (Black Whiskey), Straight Up (Black Whiskey) and Shadowlands (TriTone) straps

    Aged Steel - Matches El Camino (Aged Steel) and The Reticent (Aged Steel) straps

    Tobacco - Matches Straight Up (Tobacco), El Camino (Tobacco) and The Reticent (Tobacco) straps

    No Quarter - Matches No Quarter strap

  • Jumbo Tongues

    The name may sound like a Rolling Stones tribute band, but these useful accessories are simply eight inches longer than our standard Anthology Gear Wear guitar strap tongues, for when you need to go big — and we carry them in every color to match.

    After all, when it comes to what feels right, sometimes more is more.

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