Blackwood - Whiskey Brown Leather Guitar Strap
Blackwood - Whiskey Brown Leather Guitar Strap
Blackwood - Whiskey Brown Leather Guitar Strap
Blackwood - Whiskey Brown Leather Guitar Strap
Blackwood - Whiskey Brown Leather Guitar Strap

Blackwood - Whiskey Brown Leather Guitar Strap

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Life burns. Everyone.

First time, we all flinch. No matter how severe or slight, that introductory searing sets even the toughest back a ways. It’s the sort of wake-up call that makes most want to go right back to sleep. Many soldier on regardless, at least for some distance, but with each successive scalding, the herd gets thinned. After a few bad burns, more and more are those who never recover. They recoil, tucking themselves away in the safety of the grey, the camouflage of the crowd.

And there, safely locked away, guarding the gates of their own prison, they wither — hollowed out by the forfeited loss of their only shot at connecting musically with something real and enduring.

Few are those who understand deep in their core that there’s no illumination without fire. Determined either by force of will or blessing of character to follow our path, our way through the standard-issue darkness, we’re the players who, for better or worse, keep our roots planted no matter how high the flames or strong the winds whipping up wildfires around them.

Yes, my failings and transgressions are legion, but going along to get along just ain’t one of them. Even my fiercest critics know I will never be swayed by the forces of the moment, never follow nor flee. I don’t do surrender. I don’t do scenes.

And so you have Blackwood, blessed byproduct of the scorching, evidence that it really is better to burn out than to fade away. Blackwood, the defiant, smoldering fruit of the ashes, a beautifully charred crucible of creative combustion, exists to endure. A state of grit as much as grace, Blackwood is stubbornly impervious to calculation, unyielding to dishonest modification of any kind.

There are countless varieties and every piece, by definition, is unique — radiating organic, weathered, carbon-based conviction, integrity, and experience. Singular like a deep scar, it won’t hold false surfaces or cover-ups. What you see — and hear— is only what has been burned there. Genuine. Meaningful. Resilient.

Even when it’s a style you don’t particularly care for, there is always something compelling about an artist who represents that style with absolute, unwavering authenticity. The difference is undeniable.

So brace for the inevitable trials by fire and, if you’re undeniable, like a phoenix from the ashes, you won’t be denied.

Slash and burn as to the Blackwood born.

Customer Reviews

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Top quality build and design

Great strap. It is a little more expensive but what you get is a strap that doesn't cut costs to make it more “affordable”. Im tired of finding things I use a lot and need to last to be rather cheap. This strap is is what I hoped it would be. Great quality materials and workmanship, very comfortable, minimalistic and yet uniquely artistic. These look and feel great on my go-to basses. Thanks for focusing on quality.

Eric Byrne

With today's global market you'd think it would be easy to find exactly what you're looking for. It many cases you can, however when the item arrives it doesn't come close to meeting your expectations. In the case of Anthology, they exceeded my expectations! I always like to buy the best, only because I know I'll never regret the purchase. I feel I've saved myself money this way by buying ONCE in the end. Well no regrets here whatsoever! As they say "you get what you pay for", and with this you get even more in my opinion. The strap will last forever and even look better over time - what more could you ask for?
I've spent years trying to find the perfect strap (some more expensive that don't even compare), but nothing beats these.
LOVE the wallet as well! Honestly the best made wallet I've ever owned. Got a Virgin Records leather wallet 25 years ago that I didn't think I'd ever be able to replace. The pick holders just throw it over the top!
Thanks Anthology!
Think I'm about ready to order the No Quarter strap now.
It's amazing the quality you can get from small business as opposed to conglomerates pinching every penny!
It's the REAL DEAL!

Ben Lopedote Jr.
Beautiful piece of art

Was a little apprehensive when I ordered the strap because I usually by straps in the 40.00 range. As soon as this strap arrived it erased all doubt about my apprehensiveness. Absolutely a beautiful piece of leatherwork.

Wend B
This is so well made beautiful comfortable

I bought this for my new fender elite Jazz bass ... I love love love it ! If I had more $$ I would buy them all (almost ) seriously this is one of the nicest pieces of craftsmanship I've seen or held in a long long time! They don't make them like this anymore (anthology does though) I'm so happy with this! I can't see not being ecstatic over any of your products ! Also it's so comfortable ! I love your store ! Great price for an outstanding product

The last strap I’ll ever own

I'd set out to find a great, high quality strap for my low end arsenal and was not disappointed when I was directed to anthology gear. I was in awe of the designs i saw but as soon as I saw the Blackwood it was pretty clear my journey was at an end. I'd known the reviews were praising but honestly, no words can fully describe how much this is the best strap I've ever owned! Do yourself a favor and just get it!