Guitar Case vs. Gig Bag — Or the Best of Both Worlds.

A lot went into making your baby. Not to mention the significant investment that went into acquiring it. So let’s talk about protection.

More than just obsessive, precision-focused master craftsman, the world’s great guitar builders are, yes, artists. There can be no debate on the matter. Incalculable are the hours they spend over a lifetime learning, testing, cutting, shaving, tapping, carving, painting, finishing and, most importantly, listening. Just selecting 5-star, master-grade woods is not enough. The really good builders tap and test for the finest, most complex harmonic voiced tone woods, selecting only the best of the best for their work.

For protecting your prized possession, we’ve created “The Revelator”. “The Revelator” was designed as a special hybrid between a gig bag and a hard shell case. Inside “The Revelator”, your guitar sits in a bed of comfort. Outside, like a hard shell case, “The Revelator” affords total protection under the most extreme conditions.

We have “The Revelator” for standard body electric guitars (Les Paul, Strat, Tele-sized guitars) and now for bass guitars as well.