Andy R. – Australia

Wow... words fail me. I have 20+ quality guitar straps, but the icon strap blows them all away. It is simply stunning. The detail the strap and the quality of your work surpasses anything else I've seen or used by a long shot, as does your customer service. Thank you so much!

Andy M.

WOW...that is one of the most beautiful straps I've ever seen!! And I own it??!! I can't properly express how in love with it I am! I'll be laid to rest with my Steinberger Synapse and strap, my Gary Fisher bicycle...

Scott Peterson

Breathtaking craftsmanship. Extraordinary attention to detail. And VERY comfortable to boot. I've never seen a strap this nice.

George Luedeke

I received my straps today and "THEY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATION"! The colors and designs are off the charts and I cant wait for them to break in. My satisfaction is 110% and I thank you for everything.

John Bishop "The Brotherhood Of Drummers"

Well...Let me start off with saying that the Leather Stick Bag is "OUT OF CONTROL!!!!" This thing is a Drummers Dream Come True. When I first got it I was beside myself and yammering on like a school girl. I cannot get over the craftsmanship that went into this thing. For anyone that is on the fence on this, let me say this.......Don't hesitate, get it. It is worth every damn penny. You will not buy another stick bag .....ever. These products will outlast you. These are heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation, they are that good. Thanks Anthology for really taking the time to make a practical yet beautiful piece of gear.

Joe Willis

Received the stick bag today. All I can say is it is a work of art man!! It has exceeded my expectations. The leather used is superb and the workmanship is unsurpassed by any other stick bag I have ever owned.

Larry Jenkins

I play the Bass Guitar- I have a great collection of instruments, and I've taken great care in selecting each one of them. Along with the instruments, I take equal care in selecting the right straps. It's important to do so, as a strap is an important tool for performance. STYLE is also a factor with me - ANTHOLOGY Gear Wear Straps take care of business! They're made of the best leathers, with great attention to detail, killer designs, totally unique-the "kewl" factor is off-the-hook. But most importantly; they do what a great strap is designed to do, support your instrument in a comfortable and practical playing position.

The Bass guitar is a pretty substantial instrument, and it's a physically demanding instrument to play- Long sets, long nights on stage. Not only does the ANTHOLOGY strap do the job extremely well- It looks awesome while doing it. I have (2) of them, and probably will add a 3rd, maybe a fourth! Can't wait for the Gigbags, btw.

Frank Coates

Simply AMAZING straps, These have it all looks, comfort and defiantly the cool factor. The pictures on the website, although are very nice they do not do these bad boys justice when you see them in person. I play Les Pauls only for shows, Halloween nite we did a 43 song 3 1/2 hour gig (clocks rolled back at 2 AM) and not one bit of back or shoulder stress from the weight of my guitars, I cannot say enough about these guys THEY GET IT!!

Matter of fact I like them so much I have 3 of their straps now, like I said you can not beat it, light weight, built to hold up for a life time and simply just plain ole bad ass. Finally a leather strap us guitar players can pimp with cutting edge designs that is not over the top. So its time to leave your same old cowboy leather straps at home and come play in the new dawn. Thanks again guys!

David P.

Stunning work, how can a strap that beautiful still be functional and so comfortable. I really love it. Thanks again mate for all your help in getting it to me. Real quality and craftsmanship.

Meg M.

First off, thank you so much for getting everything here so quickly! It was very appreciated! As for the strap and pick holder, they were both more than I could have hoped for. My fiance could not get over the quality of the work and the beauty of the leather. He was very very happy with everything. We both will keep you in mind for future needs, and I am certainly interested in a gig bag once you get those going! Thanks for everything, your company truly is outstanding!